Made in the USA

Products that give Dignity and Fun

Clothing protectors are waterproof / washable and custom designed.

Wide selection for women, men and children.

Every branch of the service (Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines.)

Facilities can design and have name put on product.

Our Products

I am proud to offer several products in my shop including Walker Bags, Cot Covers, Clothing Protectors, Dining Scarves and Reserved signs. I also offer several more products including Comfort Items (such as weighted blankets), Fidget Aprons, and Kitchen Items (Microwave Potato bags, cozies, Skillet handle covers, and Kitchen Aide Mixer Covers.

Due to these extra items being very customized with prices that vary depending on the customization, I do not list them in the store at this time. If you're interested in these products please contact me at, or click here to use our contact form.